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RetroSuperFuture Sunglasses Classic Bruno Munari

Classic Bruno Munari collection piece with?ʉÛÓ??‰۪_‰۪?‰۪‰Û÷_́‰۪‰Û÷‰۪__Íâ‰?‰Û÷‰۪_‰۪‰Û÷‰۪_‰۪‰Û÷_‰۪‰Û÷‰۪__‰۪‰Û÷‰۪_‰۪‰Û÷_‰۪‰Û÷‰۪__‰۪‰Û÷‰۪_‰۪‰Û÷_‰۪‰Û÷‰۪___‰۪‰Û÷‰۪_‰۪‰Û÷_‰۪‰Û÷‰۪__‰۪‰Û÷‰۪_‰۪‰Û÷_‰۪‰Û÷‰۪_‰۪‰Û÷__iconic hand gestures for a playful texture applied on the inner part of the Classic silhouette. Classic Bruno Munari sports lenses by ZEISS in black. The box contains a soft case and a cleaning cloth.

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