Cookies - please read

Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer by your browser when you visit web pages. This data is then sent back to the same website by the browser. Cookies enable websites to remember things that an internet browser has done in the past – this includes clicking particular buttons, log in details, or having read pages on that site previously.

Typically, a cookie contains information such as the domain from which the cookie has come from, and a value which is usually a random unique number as an identifier and the lifetime (expiry) of the cookie.

Cookies are necessary to complete your purchases in the Jo-oh websites. They are used to identify items in your shopping bag. Like most online merchants, we also used Google Analytics to help us improve your future experience of the site. This allow us to see which pages on or site are the most popular, which allowe us to undernstand better your visist expereince and make improvements.

The Majority of internet browsers will provide an option to disallow cookies. You can usually find out how to do this in the help menu of your browser.

Cookies can also be deleted by using your internet browser – however make sure to disallow cookies first, otherwise they will be reapplied the next time you visit a website.